2015 Publisher News: May 2015

Hi all,

Sorry for not writing last month, too busy with everything that was happening behind the scenes:)

I decided to update ALL our books to the latest format (things change a lot over 15 years of operation, and some books are in their original state from way back then)! Updates included some new covers (with more coming), remaking all interiors (but not re-editing them) and a lot more links to other books in the “About the Author” sections!

We also fixed a problem where any “en dashes” in our books caused a funny square to show up in Kindle versions of books.   Yikes!

We are still working on this, but our first 100+ updated books are now available AND up at WEE, Smashwords, Amazon and Payloadz. This is the first time we have updated Payloadz in about six years!

“What is payloadz?” you might ask.

money-bags-smallIt is a shop where you can buy our books, AND it is also an affiliate site where you can earn money SELLING our books!

You can do this by either using their html codes on your website (provided when you click on a book you want to sell) or just sharing the book on social media and they record the sale and pay us AND YOU!

You can see all our books up there and sign up as well, at this link: our bookshop at payloadz).

I also updated our website today, with some nifty new graphics I bought to make the blog and newsletter stand out better (I hope:)

So next month will be finishing off the updating of our older books, and hopefully starting to catch up on new releases that this has interfered with.  But it is good to upgrade your products periodically but with so many now, I hope not to do it too often:)

Well that’s all from me for this month, and I will update you on what is happening with WEE in June’s blog.


Sandy Cummins


Writers Exchange E-Publishing

NewUpdate: 2016

We have taken our books down from Payloadz as we are selling our books exclusively with Amazon now.



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