Mirror, Mirror 2 covers

Mirror, Mirror by Dalziel Laing

Mirror, Mirror 2 covers
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Inspector Georgina Borg’s life is an emotional rollercoaster. She’s deeply in love with Professor Richard Thompson yet can’t get herself to commit to a permanent relationship–a puzzle even she can’t explain adequately. At work, she’s in charge of a case pursuing a serial killer who’s remained a mystery for ten long years. She’s followed his distinctive but maddeningly elusive trail from Sydney to Melbourne. Now suddenly the killer targets a victim with an entirely new profile. Despite the change in modus operandi, Borg is certain it’s the same killer. Just when she thinks she’s close to solving the puzzle and revealing his identity at last, her should-be, would-be fiance becomes the prime suspect!

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GENRE: MYSTERY/THRILLER (SERIAL KILLER)     ISBN: 978-1-920741-56-3     ASIN: B0041T4FBQ     Word count: 55, 077

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We are not including an excerpt from this book as the opening chapter is too gruesome/disturbing for general sharing. My apologies.



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