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Nightmare Island Series by Stella Drexler

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Somewhere off the coast of Connecticut is a mysterious island community. To the mainlanders, Flicker Island is a quiet, innocuous community where the citizens live simple lives and rarely venture from their insular shores.


To the residents of the island, it is a place where lies become reality, storms are conjured from a cloudless sky, treachery is second nature, and your dreams can kill you…


Nightmare Island Series, Book 1: False Awakening 3d coverBook 1: False Awakening

Mia Burke’s life was pretty ordinary; that is, until she begins her junior year at Davenport High. A local sweetheart goes missing, Mia begins her dream job as editor of the school newspaper, and she meets two of Flicker Island’s residents who’ve come to the mainland for the school year: kind and beautiful Aylin Crane and her gorgeous, arrogant twin, Ian.

Mia notices right away there’s something strange about the twins and their little island. So how come no one else notices the twins seem to possess some unusual abilities? And why do Mia’s parents act so weird when she mentions Flicker Island, like they’ve fallen under some sort of spell?

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GENRE: Young Adult Paranormal Mystery      Word Count: 71, 874

Book 2: Dream Walker
Nightmare Island Series, Book 2: Dream Walker 3d cover

After Ian Crane rescued her from Tegan Hathaway’s killer and revealed his dangerous powers, Mia Burke is more determined than ever to find out what’s really happening on Flicker Island. As she gets closer to the truth, she gets closer to Ian, but their budding relationship may fall apart when she learns the secret of the island and its dangerous, mysterious inhabitants.

Then a new teacher arrives at Davenport High School, and Mia’s life is turned upside down. She can’t seem to do anything right, and no matter how hard she tries, Mrs. Temple seems to be out to get her.

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Word Count: 63, 813

Nightmare Island Series, Book 3: Night Terrors 3d coverBook 3: Night Terrors

Mia’s at her wit’s end. She hasn’t had a moment alone since the last attack, and the twins won’t let up, the twins aren’t the only ones a little too interested in Mia these days. Lorien’s new boyfriend, Ashton Wolfe, wants Mia to help him write a book about what happened with Mr. Quillen earlier in the year, but when she agrees, she discovers that might not be all he’s after, and he might know a lot more than he let on. Waiting for her before school every day, following her to all her classes, and popping up the second she has a single moment to herself. Even worse, they won’t even tell her what’s been happening on Flicker Island and why they’re so sure she’s still in danger.

And Mia and the twins have bigger problems than another nosy journalist, though. Something terrible is simmering on the island, but Mia is determined to see it for herself, anyway. As she meets the strange inhabitants of the island and sees what they can really do, she realizes they might be every bit as dangerous and ruthless as Ian said. Even the mainland doesn’t feel so safe anymore.

When she arrives home, Mia starts sharing horrible nightmares with Ian, and she starts to fear they’ve brought something back with them from the island. As the nightmares become more and more real, Mia and the twins have to figure out who is behind them before the dreams start to leak into reality and destroy them all in this chilling conclusion to the Nightmare Island Series.

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Word Count: 141, 135

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