2017 Publisher News: February

Hi all!

Writers Exchange is thrilled to be adding new things to the blog for readers, I hope you are taking advantage of them. 50% off deals once per week, free short stories exclusive to this blog, free ebook collections that can introduce you to some of our more prolific authors at no cost:)

I am currently concentrating on new releases and starting updating our print books!  There are quite a few that need new covers since having their covers updated in the ebook version, and some that I never got the chance to put in print at all!

We are also distributing some of our books again, so you will be able to buy them at iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other places.

Also, I am adding all our books up here at the blog under their genre so that I can share the post on social media periodically. Since each post goes out to all subscribers I will limit it to one or two a day till I have them all up here. Hopefully, that shouldn’t be too overwhelming for you all and still get the books up here eventually:)

Please like always, we welcome feedback, let us know if there is something else you would like on the site or any other suggestions:)



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