Rebecca Rothman McCoy

Rebecca Rothman McCoy holds a degree in psychology and spent many years in business competitions, where interviewing skills and techniques were of utmost importance.  She was ranked third in the world in her division, and later went on to continue refining her interviewing skills through classes and seminars.  As a military spouse, Rebecca had to change employment many times, interviewing and working in many fields. Today, Rebecca works in an international executive search and placement firm which recruits and places highly-qualified candidates with client companies in a variety of industries. She hopes to continue her formal education in vocational assessment, evaluation, and rehabilitation.

In what passes for her spare time, Rebecca enjoys photography, gardening, travel, reading, and mentoring.  She is also a columnist, poet, book/music reviewer, and essayist. Her work has appeared in international print magazines as well as numerous online resources, and she currently serves as Communications Director for an international religious organization.  In addition to her writing, Rebecca does occasional freelance work as an audiobook technical and content editor.

Rebecca is mother to one beautiful little girl, one overly perky dog, and very happily married to a wonderful man who indulges her in her many completely unrelated interests. Cool Off the Hot Seat! is Rebecca’s first e-book.

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Cool Off The Hot Seat! Tips for ‘Acing’ Your Job Interview By Rebecca Rothman McCoy

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