Red Queen Series Boxed Set

Red Queen Series By Dan Donoghue

Red Queen Series Boxed Set

Set in a post-nuclear Medieval world, civilisation has reverted to Feudalism, complicated by societies of mutants developed after the radiation stemming from the Firetime wars.

Each remnant clan jealously guards their racial purity and homelands. Into this tumultuous and unstable situation comes the influence of the Red Queen, a mutant with unimaginably strong mind powers. Able to possess, control and corrupt minds at a distance….

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Red Queen Dawning 3d coverRed Queen Series, Book 1: Red Queen Dawning

The Red Queen has brought a formidable weapon from the past into the present in order to instigate a war. A photograph is discovered that gives credence to the lies of one race and effectively pits nation against nation.

In the south is a mythical island that has been rumoured to have escaped the direct ravages of the nuclear war. Three diverse mutant outcasts agree to travel to this island to discover if the weapon is real, what it is and whether there’s anything that can counter it.

Giant, an outcast rejected because of his impure lineage, searches for meaning in his life by undertaking the quest. He helps rescue an Elfin Princess and Dana, her personal guard and healer.

Dana, having been raped by Nasdarks captors, is an outcast because she’s considered unclean by her people. Also joining the group is Drark, another outcast from a nation of cave dwellers, with powerful night vision. As a mutant, he sees much but says little.

Together, the group face the dangers of journeying through the lands of warring nations, encounter religious fanatics as well as the reputably impassable “Fire-Time Sands” to discover just what the relic is and how to neutralise it before their civilisation is ripped apart.Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy: Dystopian  ISBN: 978-1-920741-20-4    ASIN: B00440DRIE     Word count: 55, 976

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Strike of the Viper 3d coverRed Queen Series, Book 2: Strike of the Viper

The Red Queen has gained control of the King of the Nasdarks by employing the snake worshipping, poison-wielding Vipand warriors she’s corrupted and controls. Now she’s set her sights on destroying the Elf Nation. Her first task is to send out one of her agents to try to seduce and corrupt the prince of the elves.

Giant, Dana and Drark, mutant outcasts, continue their struggle against the Red Queen and attempt to save the Elves. In order to succeed, they must locate the holocaust weapon the enemy of their world intends to use to return Firetime nuclear warfare to their already shattered land. Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-920741-22-8   ASIN: B003YUC8U8     Word count: 47, 777

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