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Arrow of Time Chronicles, Book 2: Inevitable Kindle cover

5 stars!5 Stars!

As usual, Karen Wiesner draws her readers right in and doesn’t let go. I have no idea how she always manages to handle a complex plot and such a huge cast of characters. It’s totally jaw-dropping! I love the way the characters develop. All the descriptions are vivid, the interactions between the human and alien cultures are fascinating. This would make an amazing TV series because it has the right mix of suspense, romance and special effects. I for sure would binge-watch it!

~Author Christine Spindler

4 stars4 ½ Stars!

Main and secondary characters return and are accompanied by new characters in this episode of the quartet. The author swept me away from real life into a new universe once again. I only came up for air once before diving headlong back into the Tori and Raze’s chaos. I suggest reading series in the order in which they came out. Otherwise the dealings with the Shojani will not make much sense. This story is not full of battles and violence. Instead, it is filled with diplomacy, meeting new and interesting species/cultures, and even a bit of romance. I found it nice to actually go to one or two of the alien planets and view their colorful worlds and customs. I have personally been in contact with the author to ask about the length of this series and have been told that there will be four books total.

~Huntress Reviews