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The Triskelion covers

5 stars!5.0 out of 5 stars


Fantasy readers won’t want to miss this!

“THE TRISKELION is a powerful start to the Guardians of Glede:
Beginnings series with a host of interesting, well-defined characters, intriguing settings, and an epic quest. One of the things I liked best was how the author didn’t paint in too broad of strokes, particularly in this–its beginning. Fantasy novels (especially those in a long-running series, as this one is) tend to have an overwhelming amount of characters, settings and subplots that seem to be thrust upon the reader within the first few pages of Book 1. In this book, we’re given a manageable number of each, introduced just when needed, yet the scope of each is large and evolving enough to sustain the series arc that readers are being led into with this initial offering. Fantasy readers won’t want to miss this entire series, and the spin-off Next Generation.”

~award-winning author Karen Wiesner

5 stars!5.0 out of 5 stars


Epic Beginning to an Amazing Saga by JennaKay Francis!

What an incredible start to the Guardians of Glede saga by JennaKay Francis! The characters are believable and the story and action are well-balanced. Ms. Francis writes in a talented way that draws in the reader to the on-going tale. I couldn’t put it down! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading. But this story is a grand adventure that will draw various emotions from you as you read. I especially enjoyed the deep friendship between Treyas and Quinlin. It reminded me in many ways of the lasting friendship between Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings. If you enjoyed that series of books/movies, you’ll greatly enjoy the saga Ms. Francis has weaved with this Beginnings novel, The Triskelion. Well done!

Romance Author

4 stars4.0 out of 5 stars


Escape to a magical land

Travel to the magical world of nymphs, naiads, elves, and gryphons. In the tradition of The Sword of Shannara, two teen boys go on a coming of age journey that will call on both of them drawing on their hidden powers in order to restore peace in Glede.
The Triskelion is a well written book filled with great descriptions of the magical world of Glede. The conflict between Prince Rugan and Jansson is very real. I couldn’t help but wonder how both Treyas and Jansson’s powers would help their troubled land.
I’d recommend this book to those who want to escape to a magical land filled with mystery, magic, and action. This book is sure to appeal to all readers of fantasy.


4 stars4.0 out of 5 stars


Great adventure in a rich setting

JennaKay Francis weaves a magical tale in a rich world that grabs you from the getgo! Our 14 year old elf hero is much like any human teen, filled with angst and adventure. Great start to a marvelous series!

Victoria Heckman


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