Scythian Trilogy by Max Overton

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Captured by the warlike, tribal Scythians who bicker amongst themselves and bitterly resent outside interference, a fiercely loyal captain in Alexander the Great’s Companion Cavalry Nikometros and his men are to be sacrificed to the Mother Goddess. Lucky chance–and the timely intervention of Tomyra, priestess and daughter of the Massegetae chieftain–allows him to defeat the Champion. With their immediate survival secured, acceptance into the tribe…and escape…is complicated by the captain’s growing feelings for Tomyra–death to any who touch her–and the chief’s son Areipithes who not only detests Nikometros and wants to have him killed or banished but intends to murder his own father and take over the tribe.

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Lion of Scythia 3d coverScythian Trilogy Book 1: Lion of Scythia

Alexander the Great has conquered the Persian Empire and is marching eastward to India. In his wake he leaves small groups of soldiers to govern great tracts of land and diverse peoples. Nikometros is one young cavalry captain left behind in the lands of the fierce, nomadic Scythian horsemen. Captured after an ambush, Nikometros must fight for his life and the lives of his surviving men. Even as he seeks an opportunity to escape, he finds himself bound by a debt of loyalty to the chief…and his own developing love for the young priestess.Read More

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GENRE: Historical    Word Count: 81, 391


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The Golden King 3d coverScythian Trilogy Book 2: The Golden King by Max Overton

The chief of the tribe of nomadic Scythian horsemen is dead, killed by his son’s treachery. The priestess, lover of the young cavalry officer, Nikometros, is carried off into the mountains. Nikometros and his friends set off in hard pursuit.

Death rides with them. By the time they return, the tribes are at war. Nikometros must choose between attempting to become chief himself or leaving the people he’s come to love and respect to return to his duty as an army officer in the Empire of Alexander. Buy from Amazon buttonRead More

Word Count: 102, 982

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Funeral in Babylon 3d coverScythian Trilogy Book 3: Funeral in Babylon by Max Overton

Alexander the Great has returned from India and set up his court in Babylon. Nikometros and a band of loyal Scythians journey deep into the heart of Persia to join the Royal court. Nikometros finds himself embroiled in the intrigues and wars of kings, generals, and merchant adventurers as he strives to provide a safe haven for his lover and friends. With the fate of an Empire hanging in the balance, Death walks beside Nikometros as events precipitate a Funeral in Babylon… Read More

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Word Count: 114, 518

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