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Strong is the Ma’at of Re Ancient Egyptian Series by Max Overton

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In Ancient Egypt, C1200 BCE, bitter contention and resentment, secret coups and assassination attempts may decide the fate of those who would become legends…by any means necessary.

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The King 3d coverStrong is the Ma’at of Re, A Novel of Ancient Egypt: Book 1: The King

That he is descended from Ramesses the Great fills Ramesses III with obscene pride. Elevated to the throne following a coup led by his father Setnakhte during the troubled days of Queen Tausret, Ramesses III sets about creating an Egypt that reflects the glory days of Ramesses the Great. He takes on his predecessor’s throne name, names his sons after the sons of Ramesses and pushes them toward similar duties. Most of all, he thirsts after conquests like those of his hero grandfather.

Ramesses III assumes the throne name of Usermaatre, translated as “Strong is the Ma’at of Re” and endeavours to live up to the sentiment. He fights foreign foes, as had Ramesses the Great; he builds temples throughout the Two Lands, as had Ramesses the Great, and he looks forward to a long, illustrious life on the throne of Egypt, as had Ramesses the Great.

Alas, his reign is not meant to be. Ramesses III faces troubles at home–troubles that threaten the stability of Egypt and his own throne. The struggles for power between his wives, his sons, and even the priests of Amun, together with a treasury drained of its wealth, all force Ramesses III to question his success as the scion of a legend.Read More

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Genre: Historical: Ancient Egypt     ISBN: 978-1-925191-21-9     Word Count: 131, 143

The Heirs 3d coverStrong is the Ma’at of Re, A Novel of Ancient Egypt: Book 2: The Heirs

Tiye, the first wife of Ramesses III, has grown so used to being the mother of the Heir she can no longer bear to see that prized title pass to the son of a rival wife. Her eldest sons have died and the one left wants to step down and devote his life to the priesthood. Then the son of the king’s sister/wife, also named Ramesses, will become Crown Prince and all Tiye’s ambitions will lie in ruins.

Ramesses III struggles to enrich Egypt by seeking the wealth of the Land of Punt. He dispatches an expedition to the fabled southern land but years pass before the expedition returns. In the meantime, Tiye has a new hope: A last son she dotes on. Plague sweeps through Egypt, killing princes and princesses alike and lessening her options, and now Tiye must undergo the added indignity of having her daughter married off to the hated Crown Prince.

All Tiye’s hopes are pinned on this last son of hers, but Ramesses III refuses to consider him as a potential successor, despite the Crown Prince’s failing health. Unless Tiye can change the king’s mind through charm or coercion, her sons will forever be excluded from the throne of Egypt.Read More

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ISBN: 978-1-925191-45-5     Word Count: 131, 671

The One of Taweret 3d coverStrong is the Ma’at of Re, A Novel of Ancient Egypt: Book 3: The One of Taweret

The reign of Ramesses III is failing and even the gods seem to be turning their eyes away from Egypt. When the sun hides its face, crops suffer, throwing the country into famine. Tomb workers go on strike. To avert further disaster, Crown Prince Ramesses acts on his father’s behalf.

The rivalry between Ramesses III’s wives–commoner Tiye and sister/wife Queen Tyti–also comes to a head. Tiye resents not being made queen and can’t abide that her sons have been passed over. She plots to put her own spoiled son Pentaweret on the throne.

The eventual strength of the Ma’at of Re hangs in the balance. Will the rule of Egypt be decided by fate, gods…or treason?

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ISBN: 978-1-925191-59-2     Word Count: 142, 584

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