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Making Good Choices Series, Book 1: Taking Responsibility Builds Trust by Karen Sue Wiesner


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The Making Good Choices Series is an interactive set of stories and illustrations designed to help parents and kids understand each other and to work together toward making good decisions.

For Parents: The Making Good Choices Series is designed specifically for preschoolers up to elementary school-aged children. Kids this age are facing some of the first hard choices they’ll make. Sometimes it’s not easy for them to understand what parents want and why they want it. In the stories that follow, the kids will make choices on their own, either good or not so good, and learn about important concepts that will set the groundwork for the rest of their lives. The language throughout is in a simple-to-grasp tone. The stories are interactive in two ways:

1) The stories are designed to allow you and your child to interact together. Reading the stories, you’ll think of many similar incidents you and your child have faced. Share those situations and try to get your child to decide whether they made good choices and how to do so in the future.

2) Within each story, you’ll see highlighted words and graphics. In the electronic version of this story, these words are “hot linked”. By clicking on these, you can jump to another place for further exploring and fun.

For Kids: Being a kid is hard, isn’t it? So many things to do and see, and Mom and Dad always saying “No” when you want a “Yes.” Sometimes it’s not easy to understand your parents. But when you make good choices, you’ll start to understand them a little more each time. That’s what the Making Good Choices Series is all about. The stories in this book will help you make sense of why your parents say “No”, why they say “Yes” and how you can hear more “Yes” from them more often.

Following each story, kids, you’ll get a chance to decide if the character in the story made good choices. In the electronic version, click on either “Yes” or “No” and find out if you made the best choice.

You’ll also find special, fun things tucked into the stories:

SeedPlant a seed:

Kids, when you see this picture in the electronic book, click on it and we’ll plant a special seed of

Gold star:

Kids, when you see Reb’s Gold Star, click on it in the electronic book and we’ll do something extra fun!

Illustrator: Robert Lee Beers    GENRE: Children’s Illustrated Picture Book

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