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The Altar of Shulaani Series by Margaret Pearce

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As the son of an archaeologist, Mike often visits fascinating digs and meets interesting people. About the only thing he doesn’t approve of in archaeology is learning Latin! Unfortunately, being accident prone, he regularly falls into time warps, intergalactic space and danger. In his journeys, he found his alien friend Alinea and an odd pet he calls Beeper. As the three unearth horrifying secrets and narrowly escape the sometimes precarious situations they get themselves into, their friendship grows far beyond the boundaries of space and time.

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Altar of Shulaani 3d coverThe Altar of Shulaani Series, Book 1: Altar of Shulaani

Mike welcomes the chance to spend his holidays with his father on an archaeological dig. But when he stumbles through a time warp into an ancient world, tracing the ancient caravan routes across the baking desert turns into an entirely different kind of adventure…

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GENRE:  Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction

The Cave of Dreaming 3d coverThe Altar of Shulaani Series, Book 2: The Cave of Dreaming

Mike, Alinea and their alien pet, Beeper, are expected to stay out of trouble during their holiday on an archaeological dig in Central Australia. While in the cave of the dreaming, they inadvertently trigger a time gate that sends them to another universe else entirely! To get back to the dig site, they’ll have to escape an intergalactic lost property office until claimed, help their new friends, and avoid being eaten by the deadly Kloog raiding the protected planets–again. Somehow Mike doesn’t think his father will accept “It’s not our fault!” if he finds out they haven’t been where they were supposed to be the whole time… Read More

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The Secret of the Kloog 3d coverThe Altar of Shulaani Series, Book 3: The Secret of the Kloog

Mike’s father goes missing on a remote island. Mike, Alinea and their alien pet Beeper travel through a time gate to retrieve him. Finding him unconscious, they have to protect him. But first they have to escape being dumped once more at the Intergalactic Lost Property. After that, they jump the usual hurdles: illegal dealers that want them silenced, and staying far away from Kloogs forever raiding the protected planets. An odd creature, the Quok, that Beeper distrusts is the only one prepared to help them. However, when they arrive on the mysterious ‘Place of the Call’, they realize Beeper’s distrust of the Quok is terrifyingly well-founded…

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Word Count: 29, 317

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