Vince Torelli Mysteries Boxed set

A Vince Torelli Mystery Series by John Schembra

Vince Torelli Mystery Series Cover Spread

A former soldier who becomes a San Francisco police homicide investigator after the war, Vince Torelli is dedicated, intelligent and highly principled–all skills that serve him well given the difficult, almost impossible murder investigations he’s assigned to handle that force him to the razor edge with equally resolute, extremely ruthless masterminds.

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Retribution 3d coverA Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 1: Retribution

There’s a vigilante killer loose in San Francisco, and when the justice system fails, he doles out his own brand of justice.

Homicide Inspector Vince Torelli has handled some of the city’s worst murders, but this case has him baffled.  It seems no matter what he does, the killer manages to stay one step ahead of him, anticipating his every move. The false clues and trail the killer leaves keeps Vince chasing shadows as the body count rises. Will he discover the killer’s identity and will he survive long enough to bring him to justice?Read More

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GENRE:  Mystery/Thriller    Word count: 59, 406

Diplomatic Immunity 3d coverA Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 2: Diplomatic Immunity

There are sixty-six Consulates and Embassies in San Francisco and a very talented, deadly sniper is targeting the Consul Generals seemingly at random. 

San Francisco Homicide inspector Vince Torelli has a reputation for solving the toughest cases in the city, but this one is unlike anything else he has faced.  The killings make no sense, lack motive, and appear to be unrelated but Vince knows there has to be a link between them. As he struggles to find the connection and identify the suspect he becomes a target himself.  This can end only one of two ways: Either he solves the case…or he becomes a victim himself.Read More

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GENRE:  Mystery/Thriller     Word Count: 59, 440

Blood Debt 3d coverA Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 3: Blood Debt

San Francisco Homicide Investigator and Vietnam veteran Vince Torelli strives to clean up the violence in San Francisco but, after a suspect in a double murder is killed during an attempted arrest, he finds himself also protecting the police officers of the city he considers family. His efforts put him in the line of fire when he’s targeted. The brother of the suspect victim wants revenge on the officers responsible and he’ll stop at nothing. He kidnaps Vince, a man obsessively loyal to his job as well as those he works alongside, a man as smart and committed to his principles as the criminals he catches almost without fail. Vince knows best, though, a blood debt always demands payment…Read More

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Word Count: 59, 289

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