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2019 Publisher News: October, What’s new at Writers Exchange?

Hi all!

We’ve released a couple of books this month (with hopefully one more to come), you can find them on the front page of the site, but we have also made changes to a number of other books/pages that you won’t have been notified of.

First, we have updated the following covers, don’t they look awesome?

The Perfect Proposal Montana Madness A Vince Torelli Novel: MP - A Novel of Vietnam A Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 1: Retribution A Vince Torelli Mystery, Book 2: Diplomatic Immunity

MP Print cover Retribution Print cover Diplomatic Immunity Print cover


We have also added a whole pile of pages to hold reviews of our books, and now we are slowly adding the reviews to them:) You can find all the pages in our right-hand navigation bar, sorting the reviews by book title alphabetically. As well as reviews of our books we will be adding other book reviews there as well by guest reviewers, but that will probably be next year since it is nearly November:)


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