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Faxinor Chronicles by Michelle Levigne

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Legend says long ago Yomnian gave to each country its own Spirit Sword, entrusted to a Sword Bearer to lead in the defense of each country, and also to provide spiritual guidance. If necessary, the Sword Bearer could overrule the word and authority of the king, but those to whom the most power and authority have been entrusted have the highest standards and the most expected of them. As the centuries passed, Sword Bearers fell and the Spirit Sword for each country was lost. Now only the country of Reshor possesses a Spirit Sword. Its bearer, Rakleer, has vanished into mist and memory, waiting until need and danger awaken the sword to choose a new Bearer and lead in the defense of Reshor.

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Heir of Faxinor 3d cover

Book 1: Heir of Faxinor

When Andrixine falls ill and spends the winter recovering at Snowy Mount–a community of holy folk, scholars and healers–she never dreams it will be the first step of an adventure destined to change her life…

When she seeks a weapon to rescue her kidnapped mother, she’s chosen by the mystical Spirit Sword to lead in the defense of Reshor against its ancient enemy. First, she must rescue her mother and uproot treachery from within her own castle and family. The friends she gathers along the way become her closest allies and supporters. When friendship with a young warrior turns into something more, she’s the most surprised.

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Genre: Fantasy/Fantasy Romance     Word Count: 81,372

Lorien 3d coverBook 2: Lorien

Lorien vows to do whatever it takes to serve Reshor and protect her pregnant sister, Andrixine, the Sword Bearer…even if it means making a loveless political marriage. The game of politics and courtly manners turns out to be a far harsher duty than swordplay and battle. Ambassador Lord Arand of Eretia comes to Reshor to make politically astute marriages to protect his kingdom against Sendorland. He’s been ordered to win Lorien for his queen’s grandson.

Arand and Lorien discover they have much in common and their resolve to put duty ahead of their own dreams soon becomes a torment. Arand has a gift for healing and music but has denied both for the sake of following family tradition and serving the throne as an ambassador.

When enemies inside Reshor conspire with Sendorland to steal first Lorien’s brothers and then Andrixine’s newborn sons, Lorien and Arand find themselves in the middle of danger but in exactly the right place to avert total disaster. Their own misery makes them wonder if all their sacrifices mean anything. Doesn’t Yomnian want his servants to be happy? Read More

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Genre: Fantasy/Fantasy Romance     Word Count: 82, 062

Traitors 3d coverBook 3: Traitors

Lord Edrix Faxinor regrets his brilliant diplomatic insight it lands him in the role of ambassador to Sendorland, the hereditary enemy of his country, Reshor. Still aching from the death of his betrothed, he sets sail in hopes of bringing peace between the two warring nations.

Arriena of Traxslan is the lowest of the low–a poor relation, living on the charity of her domineering, cruel cousin, Lord Mordon Traxslan. She has dreams of being a scholar despite the “sin” of being born a woman, with supposedly limited intelligence.

Her cousin offers Arriena choices in her own future. Both could cost her life. Because she resembles Edrix’s dead betrothed, she’s ordered to enchant and ensnare him, to give Sendorland power over him and force him to betray Reshor.

Arriena has grown up unable to trust anyone. Could she trust Edrix with the truth…and possibly her heart? To save Arriena, can Edrix risk becoming a traitor? Read More

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Genre: Fantasy/Fantasy Romance     Word Count: 74, 077

Sword of Faxinor 3d coverBook 4: Sword of Faxinor

The Faxinor family prepares to travel to Eretia for the birth of Lorien and Arand’s first child. Their sea voyage is an adventure as they learn about sailing and legends of the seafarers. More than just pirates and enemy nations hide over the horizon and beyond the next wave.

A legend rises from the deep waters. Before he knows it, Derek, third-born and the oldest son, falls overboard. He’s stranded on another ship, separated from his family.

Captain Silas of the Sea Storm is willing to reunite Derek with his family. However, legends, visions and the laws of the seafarers interfere.

Prophecy and visions guide the crew of the Sea Storm, and what starts out as an accident might just be the hand of Yomnian. Derek has the opportunity to recover the ancestral Faxinor sword as well as help his new friends and allies. He’s reminded of the visions of his grandfather who saw all the Faxinor children spreading light throughout the world. Read More

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Genre: Fantasy/Fantasy Romance     Word Count: 97, 074

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