The Wingless Fairy Series by Margaret Pearce

When the fairy queen swaps her new baby for a mortal’s new baby, her daughter Dewdrop feels sorry for the mortal family she watches all the time. She rescues and returns Willyum back to his human family.

When the fairy queen discovers what she’s done, she’s so cross, she swaps Dewdrop’s life with the mortal girl Rebecca’s as punishment. But Dewdrop loves her new mortal family and all their adventures, and now Rebecca adores being a fairy. Everyone’s happy, right? Everyone except the fairy queen…


The Wingless Fairy Series Book 1: Rebecca and the Changeling

A fairy princess, bored with her existence, breaks a few rules, gets into mischief and ends up getting her wish never to be bored granted…but definitely not the way she expected!

Flesch Reading Ease 81.7

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 4.4


GENRE: Mid-Grade-Reader/Fantasy    ISBN: 978-1-921636-91-2      ASIN: B0083VPDTQ     Word Count: 17,204

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 2: Rebecca and the Hobgoblin Invasion

Once a fairy princess, Rebecca has settled very happily to being a mortal child with her attendant Lord Be Thankful as her pet owl. Suddenly everything seems to be going wrong! The house goblins have all been stolen by evil hobgoblins who want to eat them. Hobgoblins loose are in the district, but the Fairy Queen refused to send soldiers to fight them. It’s up to Rebecca and Lord Be Thankful to open the portal to Inbetween Land and rescue the house goblins before time runs out!


ISBN: 978-1-922066-19-0       ASIN: B008M88UK4     Word Count: 16, 912

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 3: Rebecca and the Wicked Witch

Rebecca–once upon a time a fairy princess–has a new teacher: Sneaky, meanie Miss Baroom. The new teacher is actually a powerful and wicked witch who prowls the district after dark riding a bewitched human. Rebecca sets out to discover how a powerful wicked witch got into their quiet district. With the help of the house goblins and her owl, Rebecca must stop Miss Baroom before dreadful things happen to everyone.


ISBN: 978-1-922066-55-8     ASIN: B00AUV5CSO     Word Count: 18,798

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 4: Rebecca and the Missing Heir

Once a fairy princess made mortal, Rebecca discovers treachery among the dwarves in the kingdom. In the race to reach the ogres who have imprisoned the missing royal heir, Lejon, Rebecca, her owl, dwarf George, and Billy the house goblin use dangerous underground streams.


ISBN: 978-1-922066-92-3      ASIN: B00BAECGZM     Word Count: 19, 367

The Wingless Fairy Series, Book 5: Rebecca and the Horror Harvest

Three wizards have moved into Rebecca’s district with nasty hobgoblins in tow. Why are they so helpful, giving free bags of potatoes to everyone? Rebecca finds out the tainted potatoes keep all that eat them under the spell of the wizards.

Rebecca and the house goblins struggle to destroy the potatoes, but the wizards are busy planting more of the horror harvest throughout the districts. Nearly everyone is now under their control. Rebecca is helped by the three old sisters and a bridge troll to take back the districts from the dangerous wizards.


ISBN: 978-1-925191-40-0     ASIN: B017TV6QWI     Word Count: 15,003

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 6: Rebecca and the Evil Leprechaun

Fairy princess turned mortal, Rebecca has a new cousin staying with her. Lianna and Prince Willdom are stolen by a troll while at the market. But Rebecca wants to know why, especially when she discovers that her cousin’s loom was also stolen. Does the fact that Lianna is the finest weaver in the kingdom have anything to do with her kidnapping? And why was Prince Willdom taken with her?

The Fairy Queen gives Rebecca a bracelet that lights up when help is near, and this leads her to the leprechauns, who are scared of something. The clues that Rebecca follow in her attempt to rescue her cousin and Prince Willdom become more and more dangerous, especially when  the reason why the leprechauns are so afraid becomes abundantly clear…

Flesch Reading Ease 81.7

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 4.4


ISBN: 978-1-925191-86-8     ASIN: B01MA6QLY3     Word Count: 11, 926

The Wingless Fairy Series, Book 7: Rebecca and the Flying Horse Problem

Fairy princess turned mortal, Rebecca discovers her horse Sally has unexpectedly given birth to a filly. Rebecca names the newborn Saturday. In the midst of joy, a monster tries to kill them. Protecting her horses isn’t Rebecca’s only problem. Hiding the fact that Saturday has the ability to speak the human language and is growing wings is becoming a big problem all its own.


ISBN: 978-1-925574-08-1     ASIN: B06XH3WC8Q     Word Count: 11, 671

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 8: Rebecca and the Dragon

Dragons have arrived. One of them has eaten the district’s cattle, which is not only a stomach-ache waiting to happen but is also against dragon law.

The cowardly dragon hiding down by the creek is the only harmless dragon. Can fairy princess turned mortal Rebecca convince him to stand up to his bully brothers without getting both of them burned alive?


ISBN: 978-1-922233-70-7     ASIN: B071RG3CSZ     Word Count: 16, 352