2014 Publisher News: January – Update

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I have updated the Writers Exchange blog, I have to admit, I am not too good as a blogger:)

But I am hoping to change that. So I thought I’d start by updating you all on a few things coming up in 2014 that I know about currently.

I would also like to create a bit more community around Writers Exchange, so if anyone has some suggestions on how they would like to do this, please comment on this post.

We have two large series that are getting a complete overhaul at the moment, new covers, fresh edits, restructuring etc.

The first one started being re-released late last year. Will Greenway’s “Ring Realms” Universe, which consists of a few series that all tie in together.

Starting with the first completed series, Reality’s Plaything, we have replaced the cover and done some fresh proofing and that book came back out November last year (2013).

This cover was done by Gina Shellie, and she will be drawing/painting? all the covers individually to the author’s specifications.

The second book’s cover is also complete, and is only waiting on us to finish re-proofing for us to release in the next month.

Gina has now started work on book three so that one will be in the next two months. We will be continuing this process till the whole lot is done. It also looks like these books will be coming out in print for the first time as well! They have been out in ebook form for 14 years, but have had new covers and fresh edits in 2007 too, but never come out in print.
Next we have the fantasy series, “Guardians of Glede” by JennaKay Francis. These books originally came out as “The Guardians of Glede” and we had released the first 11 with at least another ten due to come out. However, we decided to update the covers, and break this series up into sub-series so those focussing on a certain generation all stay together.

So it is currently:
Beginnings Books 1 – 6,
Next Generation Books 1 -6 (book 6 onwards has never been released before) and
Reckonings Books 1 and 2 nearly ready, not sure how many will be in that section:)

After the first six books or so it started getting a bit complicated on who was who, because there were some large families involved, so we are adding genealogies as well.

A lot of these are currently out in print in their old version, so those will be replaced once the ebooks are done.

And that’s not all:)

This month I am starting work on Karen Wiesner’s Cohesive Story Building non-fiction writing guide, which will be in ebook and print and will have worksheets for writers. Since Karen is the author of over 100 published books, and this was originally published as “From First Draft to Finished Novel {A Writer’s Guide to Cohesive Story Building}” through Writers Digest, this book should be invaluable to writers. Also, knowing how quickly she can come up with a book idea, and then actually have it written is incredible to behold, I know I would love to know her secrets, so I am looking forward to reading that to edit it starting in the next couple of days!


As usual we will be having our monthly releases of Karen Wiesner’s books and Max Overton’s books. Because they have so many we have been making sure one of each comes out every month (unless life interferes), to help get them all out.

We will also be getting out more books by other people too, as some of my non-WEE workload is decreasing this year and I will be able to dedicate more time to the business again! Which is great, because 2013 was the worst year for that in the life of the business (14 years this year:)

I am hoping to get caught up on book reviews this year, we have had so many of our books reviewed and not had the time to put them all up at the site or other sites across the Net.

We will also be completing the Series page up at WEE so that people can buy entire series of books bundled together for a much cheaper price than buying them separately.

Our submission queue has been mired in mud, by the speed it has been going, but I plan to get stuck into that in the first half of this year and put a whole pile of very patient authors out of their misery.

So there is a tonne of things happening here at WEE in 2014, and I hope they are things that you readers are wanting. If you have any suggestions on things that you think will improve your shopping experience here, or just things you would love to see, feel free to comment or email me directly through the “contact us” page on the WEE site.

Sandy Cummins
Owner and Publisher
Writers Exchange E-Publishing

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  1. Robert February 13, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Great news Sandy. I’m past the 100k word count in The Wirch of Angbar. There are about 5 chapters to go and it will be on it’s way.

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