2015 Publisher News: July 2015

Hi all!

Well, as a follow on from May’s post (missed June altogether somehow! Oops) we are still updating our books, didn’t realise it would take so much time, but I suppose it is reasonable since we are getting close to 400 books:)

Some of our new covers are absolutely AWESOME! I still have a bunch more covers to get finished before their books are updated but we are getting through the backlog quite well.

We still managed to do a few new releases last month and will do so again this month, but can’t wait till we have finished the upgrades to get our release queue moving again – although changing the ebooks do mean that we also have to change their corresponding print books…

Speaking of, we will be changing how our print books are displayed at WEE so you can easily go straight to the book up at Amazon to buy it instead of to Createspace (owned by Amazon) who prints the books for us. Should be a lot less confusing than the system we have currently.

I have already done this for a couple of books. As more are done, they will be removed from the print section of the site, until there are no more there and that section is deleted. That way we will just have the single listing for every book, so you don’t need to go to a different section:)

Other exciting things are happening at WEE but that’s enough till we get our books updated:)

Looking forward to where we’ll be up to next month…


Sandy Cummins


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