Karen Fainges

When asked to describe herself, Karen Fainges says teacher, wife, mother and writer, though not necessarily in that order.

The Shaytonian chronicles were born one day as a story to keep her cousin and sister from being bored. The spark grew through many retellings, some in short stories, some in role-play. All those years of games, tears and laughter are distilled into a much more adult version than that long ago tale.

Still, the childlike wonder of life, the fierce need for acceptance that we all can feel and the belief that the universe really does revolve around us; all comes through in this irreverent stab at all those old B movies. What if out there, there really was a race of beautiful slaves looking for a male with whom to rebuild the species?

And what if he said, “Sure, why not?”


Karen Fainges passed away a few years ago and is survived by her husband and children.

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The Shayton Chronicles by Karen Fainges


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