Wallace F. Brown, Featured Author

Author Interview: Wallace F. Brown, Featured Author

Wallace F. Brown, Featured Author

Author Interview with Wallace Brown


The Shepherd Sleeps by Wallace F. BrownMy name is Wallace Brown and I live and write in Pennsylvania.  My first novel, “The Shepherd Sleeps” was published in 2008.  It is a thriller set in New Orleans in 1969.  I have written all my life but this was my first attempt at a novel.  I have a degree in English and have read a lot great literature but for pure escape I like thrillers.   The one thing that has always bothered me about the genre is that the heroes are often written as unemotional automatons without the ability to experience fear or pain.  I am more interested in real flesh and blood human beings who are thrust into desperate situations and somehow manage to triumph.  I really like the novels of Alan Furst for this reason.

Part of the fun of writing a novel is to place characters into a situation that is completely beyond their experience and to let them slowly evolve into a new reality.  In “The Shepherd Sleeps”  a relationship develops between a young man with limited prospects and a wealthy and sophisticated young woman trapped in an unfulfilling life. Two people who would never have come together without the conflict that is at the heart of the story.   I have received a good deal of unsolicited, positive feedback from readers which is very gratifying.

JayapuraMy second novel, “Jayapura” will be released in 2011.  It is also a thriller set in Singapore and Indonesia.  It involves a cat and mouse game between an  American involved in industrial espionage and an Al Qaeda  related terrorist group that has obtained a nuclear weapon.  The hero with the help of beautiful and emotionally unavailable British agent are in a race to find and disable the weapon before a tragedy is unleashed on the world.  As they become both the pursuers and the pursued, the sparks between them begin to fly.

Getting published, particularly for the first time is difficult and would be impossible, at least for me, without the help of a dedicated publisher and editors.  I am very grateful to Writers Exchange for their support and for helping me fulfill a dream.


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