Will Greenway

First published in 1983, Will Greenway started his creative career wanting to draw and script comics. After a number of years, he found writing better suited to his skills. Aside from writing and art, Will is a self-taught programmer, PC technician, and network troubleshooter. He enjoys skiing, racquetball, Frisbee golf, and is steadfast supporter of role-playing games. To date he has completed eighteen novels more than twenty short stories, and numerous articles on writing. He resides in the Spring Valley suburb of south San Diego.

The Ring Realms, the shared universe his novels take place in, has an online presence at  http://www.ringrealms.com (which has a LOT of detailed information about the universe and its inhabitants).

You can also learn a large amount about his fictional universe on his universe page, including the order the books should be read in:)

Articles by Will:

Writing: Dynamic Beginnings (1 of 2)

Writing: Dynamic Beginnings (2 of 2)

World Building, Not Just for Genre Writers

Writing: Scene business, style, and dialogue

Author of:

The amazing and huge Ring Realms Universe!

A Ring Realms Novel: Savant’s Blood Saga by Will Greenway

A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles by Will Greenway

A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga by Will Greenway

Genemar War Saga by Will Greenway