Genemar War Saga by Will Greenway

The Genemar War Saga carries on the story of the children of Gaea through Vhina Starfist-T’Evagduran, offspring of legendary beings and herself a battle master, and the struggle to protect the Ring Realms from the threat of the Chyrith, a race so powerful that entire universes fall under their evil sway…


A Ring Realms Novel: Genemar War Saga Book 1: Child of Ascendants 3d cover
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A Ring Realms Novel: Genemar War Saga Book 1: Child of Ascendants

For Vhina Starfist-T’Evagduran, 4th Princess of Malan, adventure is a hereditary trait. With a reality-controlling savant for a father and an elven mistress of elements for a mother, Vhina has lived in the shadow of larger-than-life legends. Trained almost from birth in the arts of battle, she can only wonder why, given that there is no war or even the hint of one.Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy Science Fiction    ISBN: 978-1-921636-48-6    ASIN: B0053SGI0K    Word Count: 147, 041

Reviews5 stars! 5.0 out of 5 stars

Love the mix of magic and technology

May 31, 2013

This was the first one of these books that I read, not realizing that it was actually last of the ones he has written so far in terms of sequence of events. I have read all of the books multiple times and it is one of my favorite series. To me it is what is great about independent publishing. I would really recommend them if you like a great story line. I read a ton and this is one of the best indie authors I have come across.More Reviews

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