Commonwealth Universe Boxed Set Age 1

Commonwealth Universe Series by Michelle Levigne

Commonwealth Universe Age 1 cover spread

Before the Commonwealth, there was First Civ and then the Downfall, an age of barbarism when the galaxy-spanning civilization shattered and colony worlds learned to survive by their own strength…or were abandoned to die.


Before the Commonwealth existed, there was an expanding, multi-galaxy civilization referred to by its descendants/survivors simply as “First Civ”. Due to the combined effects of a too-aggressive policy of expansion, civil unrest, the inequality and abuse of the classes, and the categorizing of augmented humans as a slave class, First Civ disintegrated.


The period of darkness and barbarism that followed is referred to as the Downfall. Various groups of people fled First Civ as they became endangered or more powerful people tried to have them classified as mutants or non-humans, and either sterilized or made them into slaves. Among them were the Khybors, the ancestors of the Leapers.


Some groups of people managed to get hold of ships and flee to distant galaxies.

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In the Beginning 3d coverAge 1: Volume 1: KHYBORS: In the Beginning

Far back in Commonwealth history, before the Downfall of First Civ, when the galaxy-spanning civilization called itself the Central Allied Worlds. three novellas in one volume explore the birth of the Khybors, whose descendants will impact the Downfall, the rebirth of civilization, the return to the stars, and the Commonwealth far into the future.

Khrystalis: Kerin is the youngest child of two powerful, intelligent and gifted research scientists. When the military interferes yet again in her father’s research, the resulting lab explosion fills Kerin’s body with experimental bio-crystal, long before the material is ready for human testing. In a twinkling, she’s changed.

Intended to aid the body in repairing itself, bio-crystal is used when medical science is incapable. As the living mineral penetrates down to the genetic level, Kerin learns to change herself and to sense the world in totally new ways. When her gift reaches out beyond her own biology, she stands poised between being the bearer of a great gift for humanity…or a threat that may change the universe.

Ambush: The twins, Casta and Pol, should never have been born, and there are many enemies who would still try to destroy them as they reach adulthood. Hidden away on a remote colony world with their uncle, they’re allowed to explore the breadth of their potential as well as to develop all the gifts they can imagine.

That potential is put to good use when their home is attacked and their uncle is kidnapped by enemies intent on destroying first their world, then civilization. The twins’ favorite game is called Ambush, and now the game has become reality. Only the enemy will never know what hit them…

When the smoke clears, Casta and Pol regain more than their uncle. Now what the twins are has a name: Khybors.

Wing and Claw: Lor and Jae lead the Khybors, training them to be the frontrunners of exploration teams clearing alien worlds for colonization. They’ve learned from their youth not to trust the powers-that-be when they speak of peace and cooperation between the emerging groups of augmented Humans and the rest of the Human race. All the signs are there, that the enemies who have been quiet, hiding in the shadows for generations, are ready to emerge and attack once again.

The time has come to reach for the stars, for Khybors to flee to the furthest limits of explored and colonized space, and find a world where they can live in peace and safety. First, they have to rescue the people who dared to stand up for them and speak on their behalf, before their voices are silenced permanently.Read More

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GENRE: Science Fiction     ISBN: Word Count: 83, 777

Norbra's ChildrenAge 1: Volume 2: Norbra’s Children 

Elin, a direct descendant of the first Khybor, holds the future of her race on her shoulders. When the Set’ri want to declare them non-Humans and have them exterminated, and other factions in civilization want them as slaves, Elin leads the way to a desert world called Norbra, where Khybors have a chance to live free and to raise their children in peace and safety.

But their enemies have followed them…Read More

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Word Count: 57, 782

Slipping the Weave 3d coverAge 1: Volume 3: Slipping the Weave

Khybors flee to Norbra for a safe place to raise their children, far from enemies who want them declared non-Humans, or want to enslave or annihilate them entirely. Like the selfish, arrogant queen of legend for whom the planet is named, Norbra has a reputation for destroying all life. Elin and those who settle the planet believe no one else will want it. They hope their enemies will leave them in peace while they wait for Norbra to do the hard work of destroying their troublesome race.

However, Khybors are made to survive. They make Norbra their home and use the dangers of the planet for their own defense. Then. as the generations go on, they make a long-range plan for survival, aware that their enemies won’t give up. The only way for Khybors to survive as a race is to withdraw so far away that the Set’ri and other enemies will never find them, and in time, may even forget about them.

Rorin Pace comes to Norbra to win Elin’s heart, to follow his dream of piloting one of their ships, and to find a way to protect all Khybors. Kheeran, their daughter, reaches new dimensions as a pilot. Their son Banjer dives deeper within the computer world and discovers the vital element in the Khybors’ long-range plans of escape to the far reaches of space.

Zeph, a Wrinkleship pilot, allies with the Khybors in building their fleet and brings them a damaged ship called the Nova Vendetta, full of prisoners, pirates, and a growing artificial intelligence.

Errien, Kheeran’s daughter, leads the pilots who search for new gateways to other universes.

Meanwhile, their enemies grow stronger and come closer, and the countdown begins to the destruction of the Central Allied Worlds.Read More

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Word Count: 95, 984

First Law 3d coverAge 1: Volume 4: First Law

Of all the races that are part of the Central Allied Worlds (CAW), the augmented are the most feared, despised and threatened, considered no longer Human because of their abilities. But the time has finally come for the children of Norbra to act…

After generations of cycling back and forth between abuse and praise, friendship and fear in the galaxy, Elin and Rorin and their descendants have a plan and the technology to save all Khybors. Utilizing the mind-machine bond with their Skip ships, they can create Wrinkles in the fabric of space. For the first time, fleeing beyond the reach of politicians, genetic purists and extremists like those led by the vicious Set’ri allows them the means to invisibly get to safety and provide evacuation for their allies.

But an unprecedented discovery alters everything. They aren’t simply Skipping beyond the reach of the sensors, they’re Leaping to alternate universes, perhaps new dimensions…where the CAW can never find them. In alien space, the only certainty is that they need to protect themselves from other races that may prey upon them and their unique talents. Born of loss, pain and despair, the first law of the Leapers is set in stone: Harming one Leaper amounts to harming all. Attack and the gift of the Leap will be removed from cities, countries, worlds…the entire cosmos.

An act of survival on the part of the children of Norbra ushers in an era of unimaginable change.Read More

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Word Count: 51, 115

The Injustice 3d coverAge 1: Volume 5: Nova Vendetta Part 1: The Injustice

Niall Encardi is ready to graduate after long, intensive years of medical training and go home to the colony world of Sorendaal. His life-long dream has been to become a healer and help the people his uncle, the governor, leads. The revolutionaries who overthrow the current government of the Central Allied Worlds have other plans. When the homeworlds of Niall and his classmates don’t immediately give support and approval to the revolutionaries, the medical students are labeled enemies of the state and transported to prison.

Despite every effort to stay focused on his first calling, healing and medicine, Niall becomes a leader, first on a prison planet, then on the prison space station known as the Abyss. Every time the government changes hands, he and his friends and then his allies in the prison society are labeled conspirators and sympathizers and condemned to yet more imprisonment.

By the time the Abyss is attacked, Niall and his people have become a force to be reckoned with in their goal of freedom…even if it means turning pirate, like the falsely imprisoned nobleman who once sailed the ancient seas, on a ship called the Vendetta. Read More

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Word Count: 85, 086

The Truce 3d coverAge 1: Volume 6: Nova Vendetta Part 2: The Truce 

Niall and his crew are just centimeters away from freedom, escaping in the stolen starship they’ve christened the Nova Vendetta. Then disaster strikes, paralyzing their ship. Retaken as prisoners, they find themselves traveling on the very ship that should have been their ticket to freedom.

Just when they’re beginning to despair, the unthinkable happens: Experimental technology and a risky gamble put the ship under their control. The escaped prisoners head for the furthest reaches of known space, determined to stay free at any cost.

Labeled rebels and pirates and criminals, they hold to the principles that have let them survive and stay Human during their time in prison. To the outlying colonies slowly being abandoned by the disintegration of the Central Allied Worlds, the crew of the Nova Vendetta and its slowly growing fleet of allies are heroes in the truest sense of the word.

The revolution reaches out to threaten Niall’s homeworld. Niall knows it’s time to go home. He has to protect Sorendaal, even if it means giving himself into the hands of the very people who want him dead.Read More

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Word Count: 88, 208

The Pirate and the Professor Print cover Age 1: Volume 7: The Pirate and the Professor 

As civilization crumbles, Kiryn realizes the only way to protect her planet from pirates is to become one herself. She takes up the mantle of her father, a reformed pirate who saved his homeworld. As captain of the legendary pirate ship, Nova Vendetta, she makes her homeworld a haven for the downtrodden. The scholarly representative of a neglected colony comes as a peace envoy and makes her think of more than just surviving. When the two of them are shot down in the badlands of her planet, they become partners to survive, then friends…and finally maybe something more.Read More

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Word Count: 26, 128

The Adventure Begins... 3d coverAge 1: Volume 8: The Talon…The Adventure Begins

It’s a time of turmoil in the Central Allied Worlds when the governor of Rensler, his wife and eldest son are forced to attend a “conference” of colonial governors. They leave the youngest son, Edrian, and the colony in the care of his grandfather, the former governor.

The two begin a secret project by befriending the sentient, nocturnal Nightskimmers.

As Edrian grows up, and unrest intensifies, he learns real heroes sometimes operate in secret. His position as youngest brother of the next governor requires him to present a false face to the world against the day when he must strike out on behalf of the colonists if they’re to keep their freedom.

When the expected revolution does erupt, Edrian’s father and grandfather are taken away, accused of treachery. His older brother flees to the wilderness to lead the rebels, and Edrian and his mother become hostages.

Edrian hides behind his false reputation of being sickly and studious, allowing him to move freely at night, freeing prisoners and striking in defense of the colony. Only a boy on the verge of manhood, yet the Talon’s reputation has already taken root…Read More

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Word Count: 78, 476

The Saddle and the Sleuth 3d cover Age 1: Volume 10: The Saddle and the Sleuth

On the colony world Rensler, the daughter of the Talon, defender of the people, takes over her father’s mask and identity. At the same time, an investigator comes to the colony in search of the Set’ri, to stop them from hastening the disintegration of the galactic civilization. Can the two work together for the sake of the future, or will their necessary deceptions push them apart forever?Read More

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Word Count: 32, 766

Wind Walker 3d cover Age 1: Volume 13: Wind Walker

Refugees from the Downfall Wars, separated by centuries of spaceflight, clash on a far distant world. Caught between them are Tayree–native, Wind Walker, visionary, and a recent widow–and Arin, a foundling raised by the invading Colonists.

Tayree’s visions send her to find Arin, stolen from her tribe when he was an infant. She knows him from childhood dreams…and because his twin brother murdered her husband and infant sons in an attempt to possess her. Arin and Tayree could be part of prophecy to bring peace between the Ayanlak natives and the invading Colonists, but only if their hearts can heal.  Tayree has a chance to fill her empty arms, but claiming her rights of recompense from her enemy’s family could destroy the future for her tribe and Arin’s love for her. Read More

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Word Count: 88, 071

Age 1: Volume 14: Moonbirds 

K’reeth and her sister, K’rin, were named for the moonbirds–sister raptor birds who share parenting duties, one the nurturer, the other the hunter and defender. Orphaned by catastrophe and adopted by the High Mistrada of the T’bredi scholars, they’re teachers entrusted with all the gathered wisdom of the Ayanlak.

Their bond of sisterhood is tested when K’reeth falls in love with the Wind Walker Talon. The relationship is further strained when the new peace with the Colonist invaders includes a promise to send home all the children who have been rescued by and raised among the Ayanlak–and K’reeth is the first.

Her forced journey to be reunited with a family she doesn’t even remember eventually takes both sisters across the continent and into the nest of political intrigue and contention that may tear their world apart–on the very brink of peace and the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.Read More

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Word Count: 114, 222



The planet Vidan, the center of First Civ’s government, degraded into a world ruled by superstition and fear, filled with petty city-states, and battles fought with gunpowder and swords. Tales of traveling to the stars were considered fables and mad dreams within only two generations of the onslaught of the Downfall. Colony worlds were abandoned to starve or die of mutated diseases. The genetically manipulated inhabitants abandoned there by their creators/masters were left to build their own way of life.


From the chaos on Vidan, a holy scholar named Kilvordi discovered the legacy of their ancestors’ arrogance lived on. He and others he gathered around him were the Undying–able to regenerate at an incredible speed. Long-lived, seemingly young forever and impervious to all but the most devastating diseases, only drastic injuries could kill them.


Kilvordi and his followers put their legacy to good use, taking great risks and devoting lifetimes to regaining the lost knowledge and technology of First Civ.

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Undying 3d coverCommonwealth Universe, Age 2: Volume 1: Undying

Marnya is a novice traveling to a teaching enclave to expand her healing talents. But her life is changed forever when her traveling party is attacked by brigands. In defending herself and her friends, Marnya is critically injured–but she doesn’t die. She thinks she’s hidden her remarkable healing from everyone, but two of the soldiers who rescue the novices belong to the Order of Kilvordi, and they know her secret. She is one of them–an Undying.

Raf and his friend, Danal, give Marnya her first lessons in what it means to be an Undying. The Undying are the unwilling, innocent heirs of the genetic engineering that helped bring about the Downfall of First Civ. All the members of the Order are Undying and, under the leadership of High Scholar Kilvordi, their quest is to reclaim the lost knowledge of the ancestors and take civilization back to the stars. Marnya joins the Order and sets out on her journey of learning, healing and leadership.

As the years go by, a new enemy arises from their own ranks–Undying who believe they are destined to become rulers, not guardians. They want to dominate, to enslave the ordinary Humans around them. And if they have to destroy the Order to accomplish their goals, they will…Read More

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Word Count: 102,132

Commonwealth Universe Age 3 cover spread


Vidan was again reaching out to the stars: sadder and wiser…and cautious, unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the ancestors. The Commonwealth was born, reaching out to lost colonies and establishing new ones, rediscovering lost technology and how to navigate the star-ways. Many of the lost colonies not only survived but thrived–and they remembered their abandonment and the harsh centuries of the Downfall…

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Sunsinger 3d coverAge 3: Volume 2: Sunsinger

Orphaned and now evacuated from the only home he’s ever known, Bain’s dream of becoming a Spacer is suddenly more possible than he ever realized. Aboard a small Free Trader ship with a forceful yet caring and quirky captain, Bain learns the ropes of combat and courage. Battling not only the threat of the human race’s biggest enemy, the Mashrami, Bain must battle his own enemy as well–a bully who prefers Bain over a punching bag.

Will he be able to prevail using his innate Spacer genes and all that the captain has taught him, to win the war against his enemies?Read More

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Word Count: 42,988

Spacer's Creed 3d coverAge 3: Volume 3: Spacer’s Creed

Bain’s prayers are answered. Captain Lin Fieran wants him to stay on Sunsinger and join her crew for another evacuation trip to Lenga. When they get there, everyone has already been evacuated, so they move to the next world in the path of the Mashrami invasion. There, their task is made more difficult by pirates and people who don’t want to leave their homes. To make matters worse, Bain knows Lin wants him to stay on Sunsinger with her and Ganfer, just as much as he wants to stay, but someone in authority is getting in the way. Lin has to keep a secret from him, and if she tells him what it is, he might never be allowed back on board.Read More

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Word count: 47, 739

Dead World 3d coverAge 3: Volume 4: Dead World

Bain and Lin meet up with Ranger Captain Gilmore again. Gil has an important mission for Sunsinger’s crew: to help test a new device to protect ships from the alien Mashrami. The only problem is, Lin has to get Sunsinger dangerously close to the aliens to test it!Read More

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Word Count: 36,645

The Lady and the Order 3d coverAge 3: Volume 5: The Lady and the Order

Bain and Lin meet up with Sister High Scholar Marnya, a member of the Order of Kilvordi–the Church scholars and scientists who brought civilization back from the destruction of the Downfall and returned Humans to space. Marnya asks their help on a very important mission. She needs to travel in disguise, to see if the conditions on the colony worlds match the reports that she receives. Plus, someone’s trying to kill members of the Order, and Marnya is the most important target of all. Bain’s dreams of having the power and resources to help the helpless come a little closer to reality as he learns from Marnya and her bodyguard, Jax.Read More

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Word count: 45, 646

Fever 3d coverAge 3: Volume 6: Fever 

Sunsinger’s crew joins the Rangers on a mission of mercy in which time is the enemy. A plague created by the alien Mashrami is sweeping across the colonies. Bain and Lin help to deliver medicine to hopefully prevent and cure the plague. When they come to a planet where the colonists are uncooperative, they unearth secrets better left buried.Read More

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Word count: 34, 913

University 3d cover

Age 3: Volume 7: University

Bain and Lin meet up with Sister High Scholar Marnya, a member of the Order of Kilvordi–the Church scholars and scientists who brought civilization back from the destruction of the Downfall and returned Humans to space. Marnya asks their help on a very important mission. She needs to travel in disguise, to see if the conditions on the colony worlds match the reports that she receives. Plus, someone’s trying to kill members of the Order, and Marnya is the most important target of all. Bain’s dreams of having the power and resources to help the helpless come a little closer to reality as he learns from Marnya and her bodyguard, Jax. Buy from Amazon buttonRead More

Word count: 28, 295

Leap Ships 3d coverAge 3: Volume 8: Leap Ships 

Commonwealth history says part of the reason for the Downfall was because some people were classed as mutants and made into slaves, and the slaves eventually rebelled and escaped.

Bain and Lin go on an exploring mission and meet Leapers, descendants of people who escaped from the abuse and slavery of First Civ. Leap ships travel vast distances in a few heartbeats by slipping through the fabric of space and time. Journeys of years with Spacer pilots take days on Leap ships. Captain Lorian and the crew of the Estal’es’cai have come to see if anything remains of their galaxy and the civilization where their ancestors originated. What Lin and Bain do on meeting the Leapers could affect the future of the Commonwealth.

While exploring a desert world that could be the birthplace of the Leaper race, they run into an old friend. Or is he actually an old enemy?Read More

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Word count: 35, 779

Aramar 3d coverAge 3: Volume 9: Aramar

A colony world lost during the Downfall, Aramar is in a strategic spot between the Commonwealth and Conclave. Both galactic civilizations want Aramar to join them.

Trouble is brewing. The crew of Sunsinger is asked by the Commonwealth Council to go to Aramar and assist the Commonwealth’s ambassadors and, if the trouble erupts into civil war, help them escape.

Lin is friends with the ambassador and his wife, so she and Bain stay at the embassy. They meet the two ruling families of the planet and Bain lands in a position to help when rebellion erupts across the planet. What he does will affect the Commonwealth and Aramar for decades to come. Read More

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Word count: 40, 373

Gemar 3d coverAge 3: Volume 10: Gemar 

Gemar, a lost colony, once belonged to the Conclave. Now it is a member of the Commonwealth. Someone wants Gemar to re-join the Conclave, and wants it badly enough to kill hundreds of people. When Captain Lorian of the Estal’es’cai is one of the victims, the future of the Leaper alliance with the Commonwealth is in jeopardy. Bain and his Spacer friends risk their lives to investigate and protect their Leaper friends. Their efforts bring their dream of the Scout Corps to life.Read More

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Word count: 41, 307

Scouts 3d coverAge 3: Volume 11: Scouts

Bain and the first generation of Scouts go on a training flight with the first Scout ship, but it turns into their first official rescue mission. Sunsinger has been damaged, Ganfer could be destroyed…and Lin is missing. Read More

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Word count: 28, 076

Hoven Quest 3d cover Age 3: Volume 15: Hoven Quest 

Legend says the planet Gemar once belonged to the Hoveni, a race of shapeshifters. Hoveni and Humans lived together in peace until the Set’ri decided to exterminate anything that didn’t meet their narrow definition of Human. Centuries later, descendants of the Set’ri throughout the Commonwealth still hunt the Hoven race. Kendle Fyx is a descendant of the visionary savior and leader of the Hoveni. Her lonely daydreams of a hero to unite the Hoveni and bring them back from hiding and exile inspire her uncle’s newest entertainment series, Hoven Quest. But if the Hoveni realize this is an attempt to contact the lost members of their race, won’t the Set’ri, as well?

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Word Count: 60, 783

Meruk Episodes I - V 3d coverAge 3: Volume 16: The Meruk Episodes I-V

Viewers of the hit Tri-V series, Hoven Quest, will want to read the short stories Kendle Fyx originally wrote, that inspired the series…and brought about the final battle between Hoveni and Set’ri with the whole universe watching.

Meruk is just an ordinary university student. A piece of Hovenu jewelry left for him by his parents when they died sparks an interest in Hovenu history and culture that lead him to study archaeology. A fascinating discovery on a summer dig leads to strange dreams of actually being a Hoven…and when thieves attack the dig site, Meruk learns those dreams are true: he is a Hoven, and with his secret revealed, he has to flee for his life.

Five stories track the beginning of Meruk’s quest for information, his understanding of what it means to be a Hoven, and a way to find others like him. Meruk realizes early on that if he can find a way to reunite the Hoven race, maybe they can live in safety and freedom once more. Read More

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Word Count: 50, 841

Meruk Episodes VI - XAge 3: Volume 17: The Meruk Episodes VI-X 

Meruk undertakes a quest to find other Hoveni by heading out into the desert, following clues and legends to hiding places deep under the shifting sands. His journey is impeded by the elements and by the foolishness of greedy Humans who can’t even be allowed to guess that Hoveni are real, much less that the remains of ancient technology and knowledge lie in the wastelands. Meruk encounters the insane, the fearful and cruel, as well as the innocent, wise and gentle.

His quest takes him from the desert to an Order outpost, further on to an amusement park the size of a city, and back across the sea where he faces more remnants of the Hoveni’s ancient enemy, the Set’ri.Read More

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Word Count: 61, 770

Virtually Dead 3d coverAge 3: Volume 20: Virtually Dead

For six hundred years, the Khybor scientists on Ayvystal have been sleeping, since the destruction of their research colony. Now the new civilization built on the ruins above them threatens their existence, and the virtual reality world they have inhabited all this time.

Caspya is their Sentinel and their guardian. She must make contact with the living, waking world above them, find allies, and recover their life tubes before any more members of their Community are killed–or worse, found by the heirs of the enemy who sent them into hiding long ago.

Problem: The language and culture have changed in six hundred years.

Bigger problem: Finding someone to believe her.

Biggest problem: She can’t leave her life tube. The only way to make contact is by animating the recently deceased. Read MoreBuy from Amazon button

Word Count: 109, 271

True Caderi 3d coverAge 3: Volume 22: True Caderi 

Qinda is a nobody surviving by her wits, cursed with genetics that hint at unusual gifts. Those hints are strong enough to make a powerful, domineering old woman chase her across the star systems to gain possession of her.

When her safe home on an agricultural planet is threatened by her enemy, Qinda and her husband accept that the only way to stay alive and safe is to split up and hope to reach the Commonwealth where they can request sanctuary. But along the way, someone even more powerful finds Qinda’s trail, and he has the law on his side when he takes her prisoner.

Adlan Caderi has been seeking the power to rule the universe and break the Leaper monopoly, and Qinda is the final element of his plan, the last piece of the puzzle–or so he hopes. He had her bred, and the law of his world says she is his property. But the only way he can win is to secure her loyalty and her love and implant in her the dream of power that’s carried the Caderi clan for generations.

The struggle to make Qinda a true Caderi will endanger both their lives and awaken inside her the question: To gain the universe, is she willing to lose her soul?Read More

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Word Count: 79, 721

Azuli Eyes 3d coverAge 3: Volume 24: Azuli Eyes

Scout Captain Ian Fieran cleans up operations after battling a Gen’gineer team that attacked and decimated a small colony. The crime of the colonists? Their genetics didn’t suit the exacting standards of the Gen’gineers, who continue the dogma and goal of the Set’ri from centuries ago in their attempt to create the “perfect” Human genome. Captured data leads Ian and his team of Scouts across the galaxy to the Rim colony world of Chorillan, where they hope to track down a Gen’gineer nest.

At the same time, Miranda Riallon, a schoolteacher and daughter of very important members of the Colony Council, worries about one of her students. The boy is an orphan, and she wants to adopt him. However, Ranny shows all the signs of going into Phase–the sensory overload that hits some children near adolescence. No one knows what causes Phase, and there’s no known cure. Some fear that the Azuli–sentient canines native to Chorillan–are stealing the children when they escape into the wilderness to ease their discomfort. When Ranny vanishes, Miranda heads into the forests of Chorillan to find him.

She meets Ian and his Scouts. They help her look for Ranny while she helps them hunt down the Gen’gineers. As each side educates the other, they come to a partnership, then friendship. The choices Ian and Miranda make during their hunt will change Chorillan for generations to come. Read More

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Word Count: 74, 377

Scout's Pride 3d coverAge 3: Volume 25: Scout’s Pride

When Miranda dies of the same degenerative disease that killed her father, Ian and their daughter, Kay’li, flee Chorillan to keep Miranda’s powerful family from taking the child away from him. Ian returns to the Scout Corps, and Kay’li grows up on board the Leaper ship, Estal’es’cai, seeing first-hand the requirements and the price of true heroism.Read More

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Word Count: 66, 378

By Fire and Stars 3d coverAge 3: Volume 26: By Fire and Stars

Lucas Aidan, Kay’li Fieran’s childhood friend, faces the greatest fear of children born on Chorillan: Phase. His family tries to hide his condition and ease his torment during the worst part of the illness, but when tragedy strikes he flees into the wilderness. He learns to survive, guarded by Azuli and learning the secrets of the Wildlings who never returned from Phase.

When he is captured and brought back to civilization years later, he is a figure of legend, a leader for all Wildlings, and someone the corrupt government of Chorillan would do well to fear. Read More

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Word Count: 64, 743

Chorillan 3d coverAge 3: Volume 27: Chorillan

Kay’li Fieran returns to Chorillan, to investigate the conflicting stories about Wildlings and government activities, and learn the truth. She is reunited with Lucas and becomes a friend to the Wildling community. As a Scout captain she has the power to dissolve the colonial government and place it under military rule, if necessary.

And the things she learns, including the abuse and murder of innocents, makes her fear that will be necessary, far too soon. Buy from Amazon buttonRead More

Word Count: 75, 599

Silver Azuli 3d coverAge 3: Volume 28: Silver Azuli

Lucas and Kay’li marry and anticipate a peaceful domestic life, when his duties as lieutenant governor and her duties as Scout recruiter and trainer allow. However, not all their enemies were caught during the revolution and they are still out in the wilderness of Chorillan, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take revenge.

Then a family vacation of exploration and camping, to hide Kay’li’s pregnancy from friends and foes, goes suspiciously, horribly wrong. They find sanctuary on the edge of the secret Azuli canyon, and intend to stay there until Kay’li gives birth…if their enemies don’t find them first. Read More

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Word Count: 66, 884

Book list in Chronological Order (including books not yet written/published): 

Note: This listing will increase as more books are written (or thought of). 


* Volume 1: Khybors: In the Beginning (A Khybor Story)

* Volume 2: Norbra’s Children (A Khybor Story)

* Volume 3: Slipping the Weave (A Khybor Story)

* Volume 4: First Law (A Leaper Story)

* Volume 5: Nova Vendetta Part 1: The Injustice

* Volume 6: Nova Vendetta Part 2: The Truce

* Volume 7: The Pirate and the Professor (Scifi Romance Novella)

* Volume 8: The Talon: The Adventure Begins (A Talon Story)

* Volume 9: The Talon: The Hero’s Mask (A Talon Story)

* Volume 10: The Saddle and the Sleuth (SciFi Romance Novella: A Talon Story)

* Volume 11: Song of the Nightskimmer (A Talon Story)

* Volume 12: Interval

* Volume 13: Wind Walker (SciFi Romance Novella: A Refuge Story)

* Volume 14: Moonbirds (SciFi Romance Novella: A Refuge Story)

* Volume 15: The Peace Village (A Refuge Story)

* Volume 16: Stone City

* Volume 17: Null and Void (A Khybor Story)

* Volume 18: Lost Souls (A Khybor Story)

* Volume 19: Always Running (A Khybor Story)


* Volume 1: Undying (An Order Story)

* Volume 2: Scholar (An Order Story)

* Volume 3: Vision (An Order Story)

* Volume 4: Phoenix Under Glass (An Order Story)

* Volume 5: Legacy of the Talon (A Talon Story)

* Volume 6: Flight (An Order Story)

* Volume 7: Soloana


* Volume 1: Lin of Sunsinger (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 2: Sunsinger (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 3: Spacer’s Creed (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 4: Dead World (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 5: The Lady and the Order (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 6: Fever (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 7: University (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 8: Leap Ships (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 9: Aramar (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 10: Gemar (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 11: Scouts (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 12: Star Sword (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 13: Illumination (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 14: Star Dances (sequel to Aramar and a SciFi Romance)

* Volume 15: Hoven Quest (A Hoveni Story)

* Volume 16: Meruk Episodes I – V (A Hoveni Story)

* Volume 17: Meruk Episodes VI – X (A Hoveni Story)

* Volume 18: Meruk Episodes XI – XX  (A Hoveni Story)

* Volume 19: Hoven War (A Hoveni Story)

* Volume 20: Virtually Dead (A Khybor Story)

* Volume 21: Kin (Sequel to Virtually Dead – A Khybor Story)

* Volume 22: True Caderi

* Volume 23: Kleintran (A Sunsinger/Scouts Story)

* Volume 24: Azuli Eyes (A Chorillan Story)

* Volume 25: Scouts’ Pride (A Chorillan Story)

* Volume 26: By Fire and Stars (A Chorillan Story)

* Volume 27: Chorillan (A Chorillan Story)

* Volume 28: Silver Azuli (A Chorillan Story)

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