2015 Publisher News: September: Book updates, new covers, and lots more

Wow, what a few months we have had!

As you know from earlier news posts we have been updating all our books to the latest formatting. We have been replacing a lot of covers while doing this, and updating bios to have our authors’ latest books included, PLUS other books in their genres by other WEE authors!

Because of all this our new releases have suffered a bit, but the end is in sight!  Other than books that need new covers or have minor erratas being done to them, I am down to 29 books to go! I still have to do these around our new releases, so perhaps we’ll be finished all those by next month…

Then of course we will have to make the corresponding updates to all our print books:)

Speaking of, we are changing how we display print books up at the site, instead of separating them out as a different genre, print books will just be displayed on the book title’s ebook page with a direct link on where you can buy it up at Amazon.  (If anyone hates Amazon and would prefer to buy it direct from the printer [Createspace] feel free to ask and I can send you the Createspace link).

You might notice we have made a few changes here on the blog, with a few more coming once I figure out how:)

We are updating our blurbs slowly but surely as well!

WEE has been going 15 years so it is good to update every now and again, but man is it a lot of work and very time consuming. I promise as soon as it is all done I will doing nothing but concentrate on releasing heaps of new books to catch up! Then when that queue is down a lot we might just open up to new submissions for the first time in 2 or so years!  OMG, can’t believe it has been that long since we got a deluge of fresh blood:)

Here are a couple of our new covers that I am loving (The Beth-Hill covers and Overseer’s Island haven’t actually been updated online yet, so this is the only spot you will see them till all are completed)…

Blood of the Innocents by Jennifer St. ClairFull Moon by Jennifer St. ClairOverseer's IslandA Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy, Book 1: Prince of ShadowsA Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy, Book 3: Bound in Shadows Author: Jennifer St. ClairThe Painted LadyThe Miller's SonRed Queen Series, Book 1: Red Queen DawningRed Queen Series, Book 2: Strike of the Viper

The Dragons' Veil Book 2: The Dragons' Vision


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