A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Book 1: Reality's Plaything boxed set

A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga by Will Greenway

Reality's Plaything Saga 5 book spread

Impossible battles. Unconquerable enemies. A hero with one mission: to win in order to take back his life.

A borderlands scout is propelled on an epic odyssey to rescue (and eventually marry) his kidnapped lover, confront evil gods and goddesses and their minions, and discover the strength and means of controlling his unique, inherited ability to bend reality–a power that, unleashed, could destroy him.

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A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Book 1: Reality's Plaything 3d coverA Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 1: Reality’s Plaything

One man harbors an ability that rivals the world’s ruling powers…

…but also makes him the target of a vengeful deity who vows to destroy him.

Can a simple mortal battle a goddess in the throes of madness and hope to survive?

Bannor Starfist is newly engaged to his dream girl and happy with his life when he discovers he can bend reality – a rare trait inherited from a long line of Savants. But when word of a magical human reaches the insane goddess Hecate, it so enrages her that she turns his life into a waking nightmare.

The goddess kidnaps Bannor’s fiance and pits an army of devoted minions against him in an escalating reign of terror. Despite alliances with fellow Savants, Bannor’s resolve fades with each defeat and he eventually falls into despair. Can he summon the strength to vanquish Hecate and her dark army, or will he ultimately lose everything in a battle for his very soul?

If you loved David Eddings’ The Mallorean, this epic fantasy is for you! Discover why enthusiastic fans say Greenway “does a great job of blending science and magic in a way that is captivating”.

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GENRE: Fantasy and Science Fiction!     ISBN: 978-1-876962-02-9  ASIN: B003XRE6DY   Word Count: 194, 356

'Neath Odin's Eye 3d coverA Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 2: ‘Neath Odin’s Eye

Surviving a battle to the death with a goddess would tax the greatest of heroes, but for Bannor Starfist it proves to be only the beginning of something much worse–a war with a whole pantheon of gods!

The death of Hecate has triggered a rumble in the Vanir pantheon. AllFather Odin insists Bannor and all his friends must be brought to justice for the crime of murder.

For the already battered Bannor, the ordeal is only beginning. His Elven fiancee’s Sarai’s mother and sister and all the rest of his friends have been captured and imprisoned in Niflheim, the land of the dead. Somehow, he must find a way to get them out without Odin imprisoning him as well. As if his challenge wasn’t impossible enough, the battle with Hecate has a taken away his most powerful weapon: His ability to bend reality…

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Word count: 208, 211


Eternal's Agenda 3d coverA Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 3: Eternal’s Agenda

Always a catch… For Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is ever easy…including getting married.

Fresh from an earth-shattering duel with allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies. As usual, things don’t go according to plan…

Creation, annihilation, perpetuity… the words boom in Bannor’s mind through his magical powers. The message is just a precursor to another big mess done Garmtur style. Daena, the savant of attractions turned immortal goddess, is up to something and Advocate Eternal Koass doesn’t like the rumblings.

Bannor goes to Eternity’s Heart to speak on Daena’s behalf and ends up the Shael Dal’s latest draftee. The Protectorate has a problem. A million bloodthirsty war-mages are running rampant through the Ring Realms, destroying everything they come in contact with. The difficulty is, nobody can find them… except maybe someone with the reality-bending power of the Garmtur Shak’Nola. Bannor agrees to help but quickly learns the hard lesson that no good deed goes unpunished…

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GENRE: Fantasy/Science Fiction     ISBN: 9781921314308      ASIN: B003Z0D34W      Word Count: 176, 215

Savants Ascendant 3d coverA Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 4: Savants Ascendant

Bannor and Wren are on another adventure, doing what they do best…getting into and out-of trouble. The two savants embark on a simple reconnaissance mission with their new friends from the Shael Dal. Naturally there are the little bumps that make the danger duo’s life so interesting–massacres, spies, and hostile alien assassins…

At the behest of Koass the eternal, Bannor has pierced the veil of secrecy around the Baronians, and the soldiers of Baronia have a single response:

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GENRE: Fantasy/Science Fiction     ISBN: 9781921314537     ASIN: B003Z0CVKY     Word count: 163, 485

Infinity Annihilator 3d coverA Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 5: The Infinity Annihilator

The rogue Kriar Daergons have possession of the ancient Jyril genemar, a weapon capable of destroying all the magic in Eternity–a device so destructive it can be made to slay any creature from a universe away. Bannor Starfist, Savant with the unique ability to bend reality, is just lucky enough to have the weapon aimed at him. In this fifth and final volume of Reality’s Plaything, ultimate powers meet head-on in a devastating battle of mythological proportions.

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GENRE: Fantasy/Science Fiction    ISBN: 9781921314766    ASIN: B003ZHVEG4    Word count: 285, 493


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