Shaladen Chronicles Boxed set

A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles by Will Greenway

Humans long to realize their own potential and some struggle each day to grasp even the smallest fraction of what they could and should be. Corim Vale, the fighting sage, struggles to be a better man, not only for himself but in order to help the less fortunate in the world. An educator, warrior and adventurer, Corim had a gentle heart and a thirst for the unknown. Little does he suspect, the unknown is about to find him and kick him in the teeth…

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A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles Book 1: A Knot in Time 3d cover

A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles Book 1: A Knot in Time

Corim Vale has spent his life dreaming of visiting other worlds, of learning and bringing education to the masses. One thing stands between him and his lofty goals: The seventh circle challenge against Talorin Falor, the academy headmaster and arguably the strongest man on all of Titaan.

Known as the “Fighting Sage”, Corim is an explorer and knowledge seeker who uses tournament winnings to fund his research. Ready to push toward loftier ambitions, the warrior-academic seeks the patronage of the powerful academy and gets swept up in a decades old vendetta, a war between ancient races, and a plot to destroy time itself.

What starts as a dare becomes a race to save the stability of Eternity when Corim’s investigation uncovers the machinations of a team of evil conjurers bent on the destruction of the Chronal Protectorate–even at the cost of their lives and all sentience in the universe…Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy Science Fiction     Word count: 184, 803

A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles Book 2: Anvil of Sorrow 3d cover

A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles Book 2: Anvil of Sorrow

Saving the collapsing timeline cost Corim Vale his right arm and half of his soul, proving that the best of intentions can lead one to the abyss. In Corim’s case, literally.

For the Protectorate, things have gone as wrong as they can go. Meridian Arcturan’s attempt to destroy time has left Eternity’s chronology scrambled. The near catastrophe has left Aarlen Frielos, the Shael Dal’s most skilled time diver, her mate Beia, and three of the powerful Crescent Moon band soul-lost and comatose. To restore them, Corim needs to retrieve Aarlen’s missing spiritual essence. Finding the lost soul is simple. Getting it back from the death goddess who stole it that might offer a bit of a challenge…

As a newly appointed gamma class Protectorate enforcer, Corim has no choice but to hit the chronology running as Eternity is besieged by marauding aliens, Kriar insurgencies, and mad wizards who simply refuse to die. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, the mind patterns of an ancient magestrix are inexorably overwhelming his body…Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy/Science Fiction    Word Count: 212, 200    Cover artist: Marco Pennacchietti

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