Savant's Blood Saga Boxed Set

A Ring Realms Novel: Savant’s Blood Saga by Will Greenway

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A young girl is stolen from her mother by agents of a jealous goddess, escapes and becomes a street waif known as ‘Wren’ who, decades later, is an elder member of the Brethren Guild, a thieves guild in the ancient city of Corwin.

 A battle with a rival Brethren Guild forces Wren to seek refuge in a temple where she receives the first clues that will lead her toward the truth of who and what she is. From a dream, an amulet in the shape of a phoenix appears around her neck. Engraved on the back of the magic device is one simple word–Liandra.

 Wren must not only learn her identity but how she fits into the universe she lives in. As she later discovers, a savant’s sense of self is far more than a name or even a body but a spiritual destiny tied to the very origins of the Ring Realms themselves.

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Ring Realms Novel: Savant's Blood Saga, Book 1: Shadow of the Avatar 3d cover

Ring Realms Novel: Savant’s Blood Saga, Book 1: Shadow of the Avatar

Hecate, goddess of the moon and dark magic, wants a new body and eight-summer-old savant Liandra Kergatha has the one she covets. Torn from her mother’s arms, the young girl is spirited away to another world to undergo the ritual of succorunding–the creation of an avatar. Before the procedure can be completed, the temple is attacked and Liandra escapes into the city with the bindings half completed and her name and memories of her former life wiped clean.

Possessing great natural skill and many hidden powers, the young girl becomes known as Wren and perseveres on her own. A decade later Wren is one of the greatest master thieves in Corwin. Unfortunately for Wren after her ordeal as a child, lost is not forgotten. Following a bloody encounter with an avatar, Hecate’s baneful attention is drawn to her once again.

What started with a kidnapping becomes a conflict that escalates into a war involving powerful immortals, wizards, and otherworldly creatures as Wren seeks help and wins favor with the legendary clan of the Felspars.

To survive the ordeal stretched in front of her, Wren must learn her origins, befriend amazing allies, and tap into the secret powers of her birthright. Even as she rises to the challenge, she discovers Hecate isn’t the only foe gunning for her…Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy/Science Fiction    ISBN: 978-1-920972-98-1      ASIN: B003Z0CUBY   Word count: 254, 829

Ring Realms Novel: Savant's Blood Saga, Book 1: Shadow of the Avatar

A Ring Realms Novel: Savant's Blood Saga, Book 2: Hecate's Bounty 3d cover

A Ring Realms Novel: Savant’s Blood Saga, Book 2: Hecate’s Bounty

Imagine you’re one half of a cosmically powerful being. Wren Kergatha, a savant of forces, is heir to the incredible powers of the first ones. Unfortunately, separated from her beta half, her abilities provide little more than token defense against demons and avatars. To make matters worse, the stronger half is bent on devouring her.

Wren continues her epic quest to regain her memories, family, and heritage. Even with the potent help of the Felspar clan, the young savant of forces finds herself and her allies on the run from the minions of a pantheon lord.

In order to rescue her parents and brother, Wren must find the lost city of Cosmodarus and confront the evil goddess of the moon. But how can she defeat a creature able to ravage entire worlds?Read More

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Word count: 299, 482

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A Ring Realms Novel: Savant's Blood Series, Book 3: Aesir's Blood 3d cover

A Ring Realms Novel: Savant’s Blood Series, Book 3: Aesir’s Blood

Wren Kergatha defeats Hecate and reclaims her family only to face new challenges. The Kriar have infiltrated Starholme. Then her mentor in G’yaki combat, Vera, suffers a breakdown. As if that’s not enough, her grandmother Idun the pantheon lady wants to start a god war.

While Wren embraces her Aesir heritage, becoming a general like her mother and grandmother, she fights a ground war in the quest to locate Vera’s G’yaki clan. Only then will decades-old wounds heal.

Alas, being far stronger and accompanied by an army of allies doesn’t stop Wren’s enemies from causing trouble. The only way to set matters right with Vera, herself and her family is to battle dragons, gods, and even a rogue member of the firsts.Read More

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Word Count: 257, 753

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